Back to Florence in Another Season

Ciao belle,

LAST WEEK I arrived back in the gorgeous city of Florence for the third time. THIS time however, I was not to be greeted by the summer heat but rather the winter freeze. It’s SO cold in fact that some Italian schools were forced to close (yes really!) Another charming realisation that, just like when I was here in the heat of summer and air conditioning was nowhere to be found, central heating is NOT something Italians choose to partake in…

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetSO amongst the sea of fur coats and cries of “fa freddo” I’ve spent my first week back in the city. I’m in a fab class of four studying intermediate/advanced Italian at the British Institute consisting of myself, Livy, Francesca and Micheal- all english and all with very different strengths in Italian. With the lovely Catia and Bea, we covered a whole range of topics last week from the intricacies of the conditional perfect tense to the broader question of how we personally define ‘art’.

vsco-photo-1-1.jpgStudying at the Institute is SUCH a different experience to learning in a normal school classroom. For one thing, the classes are small and personal- the teacher is your friend and the whole class is taken in ITALIAN. It’s also so interesting learning in a group of mixed ages, with everyone’s different interests and passions. THE BEST THING is that everyone is a major language enthusiast and everyone WANTS to learn. The Institute is a hub of academic activity where people come to learn NOT to pass an exam or to get a promotion BUT for the simple pleasure and marvel of learning itself.

AND if you’re on this page I’m assuming you are also buzzing to learn a NEW Italian idiom!!!

Farsene un baffo (di qualcuno o qualcosa) meaning to not care (about someone of something) BUT literally to make a moustache of it!

I particularly like this idiom as it implies that Italians are not bothered by the appearance of their moustaches, however around Italy you notice many a man who is clearly devoted to his facial hair…

Thanks for reading!

Peace n Love,

Mills X


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