An Idiom a day keeps the doctor away

Ciao Belle,

SO my favourite part of learning a language is finding out all the ridiculous idioms other cultures use. I love discovering new words and phrases that simply CAN’T be directly translated to English without sounding like a load of old codswallop.

My plan is to include a possibly completely irrelevant but definitely bizarre Italian idiom to accompany all my blog posts. AND thanks to my wonderful Swedish roomie Jules, the occasional Swedish idiom may also make an appearance.

Without further ado, my idiom of today is arguably the most Italian thing you’ll ever hear:

Ad ogni morte di Papa (every time a pope dies) the delightful equivalent of once in a blue moon in english basically meaning very rarely, NB the Pope is not immortal

AND following the religious theme the Swedish way to say going on foot:

Använda apostlahästarna (using the disciples’ horses)

I hope the enticement of many an idiom will keep you (anyone) reading my blog!!

Peace n Love- or if I’ve inspired you to have a multilingual moment- Pace e Amore

Mills X

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