Ciao Belle

HI BEAUTIFUL READERS,┬ánow I’m sure at this point you’re totally non-existent or the few unfortunate friends and family members that I’ve irritated enough to finally visit this page…

BUT, welcome!

This post marks the start of my Italian escapades as I venture round Florence hopefully under the guise of a local. AND forever the narcissist- this post is all about ME.

My name is Millie Allibone but, for the sake of blending into Italian life I have been introducing myself by my previously LOATHED full name ‘Camilla’. I’m 19 years old on my gap yaaah, now living in Florence for 3 months and studying at the highly regarded and super fun British Institute. I formerly resided on the far end of the metropolitan line (met line for locals) on the tube and near enough to the city to consider myself a Londoner.

As a linguist, intending to study Italian and Danish at UCL next September, my purpose in Italy is to master the art of conversational Italian- an area I feel is particularly neglected in the english school curriculum!! Languages for me have always been the entry point into another culture, another way of thinking and another style of living.

AND SO using the power of language I wish to fully immerse myself over the next three months into all things Italian AND drink a decent amount of prosecco along the way…

Peace n Love

Mills X

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