Vivo per lei

Ciao Belle,

Having the BEST week in Florence soaking up all things Italian (minus the chinese takeaway Jules and I shared last night….)

SO Jules and I live in a really cool area of town near Santa Spirito in a fab flat all organised by the Institute. Our street has LOADS of Japanese restaurants- great for sushi lovers like me- and also a REALLY awesome record/cd/dvd store. After peering through the window every day on the way to lessons, I finally made it there on Wednesday evening. AND I was NOT disappointed…

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Behold my new beauties

The guy who owns the store is SUPER knowledgeable about all music genres and he will thoroughly search his VAST music collection to find exactly what you’re looking for. ALSO if you get carried away with your shopping- as I am known to do- you get a loyalty card. I think I’m a step closer to being a LOCAL. Very exciting.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Much edge. Much music.

Continuing the musical theme, this week in class Bea taught us the classic Andrea Bocelli song “Vivo per lei” (I live for her). Now on the surface the title alludes to another SAPPY love song. BUT NO, “lei” (her) is in fact music. It’s a cracking tune and our whole class, possibly excluding Michael, enjoyed belting out this Italian classic. Which reminds me, we have two lovely new class members Wendy and Tim, making us now a group of 6 which is even better for conversation and debating in class!

TODAY’S IDIOM is definitely applicable to our singing…

If you want to say someone is tone deaf in Italian you say they stonato come una campana– Literally meaning to sing out of tune like a bell (only one note)

SO that concludes today’s post. IF you ever feel like your life is lacking in passion, BELT out Andrea Bocelli’s Vivo per lei and I promise you will feel like a NEW person.

Peace n Love

Mills X

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