Food ReLOVution

Ciao Belle,

SO last night Livy, Zoe and I went to the first screening in Florence and forth EVER screening of the new film Food Relovution. The catch-phrase of the documentary is tutto ciò che mangi ha una conseguenza meaning everything that you eat has a consequence. The motive of the film is to empower people to really think about THEIR diet and take ACTION to change their diet to have a more positive impact on your own health and the world around us. Food Relovution is NOT about making people feel so much guilt that they choose to switch to a plant-based diet; NO- it’s about opening people’s eyes to the devastating effect the meat and dairy industry have on our environment and our health. Unfortunately SO much information on the HUGE negative impacts of the meat and dairy industry is hidden because these HUGE companies have the money and power to influence the Government and produce LOADS of pro meat and dairy propaganda.

Now the BEST thing about this cinema trip- besides the €8 ticket for being a student at the British Institute- was that the DIRECTOR of the film Thomas Torelli was there and gave a speech before the film started about his message and the reasons behind its production. SO COOL. The film was a PERFECT concoction of English and Italian-starring professors, philosophers and researchers of both nationalities- so that I felt it was helping my language learning BUT I wasn’t getting totally lost. A quote that stood out for me was by American author and environmentalist Frances Moore Lappé who said Every decision we make about food is a vote for the world we want to live in. 

AND speaking of food, Jules and I had a lovely pre-cinema aperitivo at the Odeon Bistro.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

The Odeon restaurant is SUPER stylish serving a whole range of Mediterranean food, great cocktails and there’s a vegan menu!!! AND with your British Institute student card you get 20% discount off your whole bill. WINNING.

SO today’s idiom is slightly politically incorrect and ALSO my tongue in cheek criticism of carnists who munch on their meat oblivious to the suffering it causes…..

Avere la Botte Piena e la Moglie Ubriaca literally meaning to have the wine cask full and the wife drunk (charming I know) but idiomatically it’s to have your cake and eat it

NB- We can all play a part in saving the planet guys ♥

Peace n Love

Mills X

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