Culture and Cuticles

Ciao tutti,

SO today was the third evening of the Institute’s centenary cultural programme with the skilled businessman and speaker Lorenzo Bini Smaghi on the outlook for the European economy and financial markets. Smaghi gave a great overall perspective of the economic climate of today. From Donald Trump’s potential policies to the consequences of Italy’s tradition of family businesses, he illustrated the major economic questions facing Italy, Europe and our world as a whole.

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Julia Race, Director of the Institute, introducing Lorenzo Bini Smaghi in the stunning Harold Acton Library

Speaking to my classmates after the talk, Tim commented, “it was a very stimulating discussion about the current challenges for the European and global economy with a strong focus on Italy in particular.” Whilst Michael expressed that “it was a fascinating talk that provoked more questions than answers” and “it deserved more time to tie up loose ends!”

Meanwhile, my first WISDOM tooth has surfaced and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this has happened whilst being exposed to such passionate and interesting speakers!

In other news, Jules and I indulged in a manicure today at the lovely Wave beauty salon on Via Santo Spirito.

I particularly loved the lighting hence the photos!! It was also SO great to be able to use my Italian in a very casual, friendly situation with the wonderful Italian woman who made our nails beautiful once more. It’s so nice to not feel like a total tourist and engage with local people.

Today I won’t be posting an idiom but instead the funny linguistic difference between how Italians and English speakers avoid using profanities…

Now whilst we english say Sugar! the Italians instead say Cavolo! literally meaning cabbage!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post as much as I’m enjoying my new Italian lifestyle!!


Mills X

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