A Fond Farewell

Ciao Tutti,

SO today we sadly said goodbye to Wendy, Tim and Michael who are leaving our wonderful Italian class and returning to London. The six of us have had a great few weeks studying together; we get along SO well, classroom 11 was always full of laughter and much banter.

After class today we had our first and final lunch as a squad at the super Odeon Bistro just next to the Institute. To my DELIGHT they have a vegan menu and 5 out of the 6 of us ordered off it- so clearly my little Italian rants in class about the joys of a plant based diet have made an impact! Success!

Being the intermediate/advanced class at the British Institute, we all used our improved Italian with PRIDE and of course asked for our menus in Italian. The food was scrumptious; the perfect goodbye to my fellow classmates as next week it will just be le tre ragazze (the three girls)!

My idiom of today is totally topical:

Non vedo l’ora! literal translation=I don’t see the hour

The equivalent english phrase is I can’t wait!

Allora Wendy, Tim and Michael, non vedo l’ora di vedervi ancora!

Really looking forward to all the amazing people I’m sure to meet over these three months. The Institute attracts such a diverse and welcoming crowd of linguists and art lovers, forming a fab community vibe in the heart of Florence.

ALSO, cue english moment…. The weather is seriously picking up, the furs have been put away and the sun is pouring over the classic Ponte Vecchio. (see my pic below!)

2011-01-01 00.00.00-94.jpg

The Florentine landmarks just NEVER fail to impress.


Mills X

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