The Classics

Ciao tutti,

SO this weekend my lovely Grandma and Mum came to visit, which can only mean ONE thing: time to see all the famous landmarks and go to the Uffizi! The weather was just divine and perfect for pictures. Here are some of my favourites I took over the weekend.

Now Sunday was my third visit to the notorious Uffizi Gallery, so rather than wandering around in an awestruck daze- like the past two times- I committed to the map and audio guide. I would definitely recommend this approach if you’ve visited the Uffizi before; it allows you to focus on the stories and skills behind individual works, rather than getting lost in the overwhelmingly HUGE collection.

One thing I love about the Uffizi are the elaborately decorated ceilings that adorn the Eastern and Western Corridors. With the abundance of sculptures, portraits and busts, the beautiful ceilings, brimming with activity, are all too easy to miss!

I am also mesmerised by the Tribuna room of the Uffizi, built to house the most expensive and treasured works owned by the Medici Family. The room was designed to portray the four elements of the Universe: earth, fire, water and air. I find the dome most captivating; it’s completely inlaid with Mother of Pearl to represent water and the combination of the light and the pearl is just dazzling.

2011-01-01 00.00.00-129.jpg

I am also THRILLED to say that my favourite painting in the whole Uffizi gallery was back on display after restorative work. The painting is the work of Agnolo Bronzino, commissioned by Cosimo I Medici of his illegitimate first child Bia. I love the posture and composure that Bronzino attributed to this girl of just 5 or 6 years of age- she appears as if she was a born leader like her father, the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

But there’s a tragic story behind this elegant painting. This is in fact a posthumous portrait commissioned by Bia’s father following her premature death. It is claimed that the young Cosimo I Medici was so heartbroken by her passing that he rejoiced when his forth, legitimate child (born 6 months after Bia’s death) was a GIRL and not a boy- a reaction contrary to the times when Duke’s were expected to be consoled after their wife’s failure to provide them with a son.

FullSizeRender 35.jpg

Today’s idiom is how I would describe every artist who’s work is displayed in the astounding Uffizi…

Avere le mani d’oro, literally meaning to have hands of gold but simply translated as a way to describe someone who is very talented

Thanks for reading!


Mills X

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