A Dome with a View

Ciao Tutti

SO this morning before- yes before!- lessons, my roomie Jules and I decided to climb the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, more famously known as il Duomo. I would 100% suggest a morning climb to avoid the queues, we went at about 9am, also the stairs are pretty narrow so it’s much easier to scale the 463 STEPS without congestion…

Now the climb may be slightly perilous at times but honestly it is SO worthwhile for the view. The first bit I love is when you emerge on the inside of the dome; you get to walk around it on this narrow balcony and peer down onto the inside of the church. The photos below aren’t the best quality- I apologise- but they hopefully give an idea of how high up you are and how massive the dome really is!!

After walking around about a third of the dome’s perimeter, you pass through a tiny doorway and climb yet more stairs to reach the viewing platform. With your flushed cheeks and achey feet you wonder how you EVER moaned about the four flights of stairs to class at the institute, but then you pop up far above the gorgeous city of Florence.


I spy with my little eye (the misleadingly masculine word) il Campanile- the Bell Tower

Today’s idiom is how we literally felt at the top of il Duomo:

Avere la testa fra le nuvole the translation is to have your head amongst the clouds, but idiomatically it is used to describe someone who is not focused or Away with the fairies

Well I hope you’ve been convinced to tackle the stairs and see that marvellous view!


Mills X


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