A Month of Alem

Ciao Tutti,

SO this piccolo post is dedicated to the hilarious and thrilling story of Alem the agente segreto that we studied in class over the last month. The six part comic series follows the adventures of Alem the journalist who starts to lead a double life as a secret agent for the Vatican.

Now I don’t want to share any SPOILERS, so I’ll just give you a rough synopsis of this nail-biting tale. We have Alem the journalist and protagonist, covering the story of the election of the new Pope from inside the Vatican, whilst protecting the Conclave from the Mafia and chasing after his true love, fellow journalist, Effe. Effe is the brains behind the operation; she keeps Alem out of trouble and tracks down the bad guys. There’s also Zero, the mysterious old friend of Alem’s who has lots of influence within the Vatican and is suspiciously deflective of some of Alem’s questions…..

This comic really was the highlight of our lessons over the past month. With each episode ending on a cliffhanger with CONTINUA, we had a great deal of fun creating many a dramatic subplot and making references to Alem whenever possible. The comic even became a heated topic of debate outside the classroom!

To any of you lovely readers learning a second language I thoroughly recommend a light-hearted comic like this one; they’re easy to dip in and out of and an entertaining way to broaden your vocabulary!

On the theme of secret agents and plot twists, today’s idiom:

Un giallo meaning literally a yellow is how Italians refer to a crime/thriller/detective story. The colour giallo (yellow) is associated with any mystery or riddle, for example, Agatha Christie’s books were all printed with yellow front covers in Italy

I hope one day you also get to enjoy the gripping fumetto (comic) of Alem, Effe and Zero!!


Mills X


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