A Piazzale with a View

Ciao tutti,

SO this weekend I played the role of tour guide- a job I am now very much considering!- as my friend Georgia was visiting Florence for the first time. With only a precious few days in the city, I decided to give her two overviews: a walking tour overview of Florence’s most famous and significant sites (think: Il Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi) and also a trip to Piazzale Michelangelo for a view over the city.

Georgia and Jules ready for the climb!

Despite the name, Piazzale Michelangelo does not contain the work of the renowned Renaissance sculptor but is instead dedicated to him. For this reason, the square features these bronze copies of a couple of Michelangelo’s marble works including David. The square’s architect is in fact Giuseppe Poggi and was built in 1869 whilst Florence was the capital city of Italy.

Just a quick flight of stairs and you’ll find yourself at one of the best viewpoints in the whole city; it’s easy to spend a whole day here mesmerised by the panoramic views and the aura of calm about the place. For anyone visiting Florence I think it’s a MUST purely for its beauty, but also because the huge landmarks are so visible, which really helps you to map out the city in your head- a great visual experience! I hope my pics below have captured some extent of its vibe and beauty…

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Today’s idiom refers to this jam-packed weekend and all that the three of us got up to!

Siamo quattro gatti.  Idiomatically meaning: We’re a small team but we do a lot. But the literal translation is We are four cats which, being a cat-lover, I find quite delightful!

AND as a special treat my lovely roomie Jules has taught me a Swedish idiom:

Slå klackarna i taket which literally means ‘to hit your heels on the ceiling’ so it’s a way to say your partying and having a lot of fun. Very relevant to my new Florentine life!

Happy reading! Thanks for making it this far….


Mills X

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