Alla Moda

Ciao a tutti,

SO tonight I went to the gorgeous sample sale of The Other Sister Designs. The up-and-coming brand is owned by the two lovely sisters Ciara and Sophie, whose cousin Francesca I’m in class with at the Institute. They held the sale in this beautiful converted greenhouse  that looks out onto a charming walled garden.

Now for Jules, Livy and I nothing could appeal MORE than an evening of aperitivo, chatting and shopping- especially with such pretty and unique products on sale! The girls are both so talented and it was really great to see their actual work and the studio in which it’s all made. Needless to say, all three of us returned home with a fab new purchase!! Take a peek at the pics below of my roommate Livy beautifully modelling her new equally beautiful earrings…

So all the items are handmade and at the height of aesthetic pleasure. What’s more- the girls donate 10% of every sale to the Refugee Crisis. It’s super inspiring seeing all the work they’ve done and the brand just fits in so well with the vibrant and arty city of Florence.

Sophie and Ciara and dog looking wonderful this evening!

Now obviously if you’ve found yourself on this blog and have read thus far, you must be a fashionista (or my family) HENCE today’s idiom:

Sfondi una porta aperta (meaning: you’re breaking down an open door) or as we english would say You’re preaching to the converted!

Look out for these girls and their brand, I have every faith they’re going to go far!


Mills X

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