A Village with a View

Ciao a Tutti!

SO today the weather was just divine, the perfect combination of sunny and fresh. Thus Livy, Jules and I took full advantage of the February sunshine that is so rare in England. We packed a picnic and caught a short bus ride up to Fiesole- a quaint little town up in the hills looking down onto Florence. Now the view is just AMAZING, but as Florence is in a valley it does look misty from above so I’m afraid my photos really don’t do it justice…

Well you really do have to head up there yourself to get the full WOW of the view. It’s a super simple journey from the city centre, just bus number 7 from Piazza San Marco for a couple of euros.

Also, on Sundays there’s a lovely market in the square where you can buy fresh bread, cheese, flowers, gorgeous jewellery and much more. I actually treated myself to some antique gold hoops you can see in my pics below!

A trip into the countryside of Fiesole is a glorious way to spend a sunny Sunday and escape the buzz of the city; not that I’m trying to kid anyone that the Florentine city lifestyle is particularly frenetic!

Now today I’ve got a fabulous new word for you all, which was totally apt to how we felt after our picnic:

The word is abbiocco and it can only be translated in lots of words in english as the feeling of drowsiness that follows eating a big meal

And with that, no one can deny the beauty of the Italian language and its simple words for expressing such a well known feeling.


Mills X

2 thoughts on “A Village with a View

  1. I agree, India, that he is giving me something right now. I have to focus on that, lest I become delirious again.And thank you 🙂 Yes, those are my real eyleeshas. I’m lucky in that regard for sure! xx Hy


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