Learning on the move

Ciao a tutti!

SO over the past month I’ve been improving and broadening my Italian in a totally different way- yoga classes! Really near my apartment and the lovely Santa Spirito lies Studio Yoga Maya, which as you can see from my photos is the perfect place to unwind; it’s like a capsule for escaping the rush of life and your own busy mind.

The classes are wonderfully small so you receive a lot of attention and help adjusting postures, also I’ve never felt like I’m going to injure myself as Alessandra is so attentive. At first, yoga was not quite the relaxing out-of-mind experience I was hoping for as my brain was on full-speed translating. But, now I’ve got my destra e sinistra (right and left) sussed AND I can easily listen out for the familiar poses cane a testa in giù (down face dog), yoga has become equally as restorative as at home but with the added perk of picking up some new vocab as I go!!

FullSizeRender 103
Endorsing escapism via yoga in this beautiful studio…

It’s also great to go to a class full of real Italians! Admittedly yoga is not a social activity, but by being able to go to, enjoy and understand a class for locals, I feel one step closer to my integration into Florentine society- yep I’m slowly becoming Italian!

Now the REAL reason I go to yoga is in the photos above: Alessandra’s gorgeous dog Lancelotto (or Lancelot). Yes I’m missing my pets at home more than my family and even more than Heinz baked beans… So Lancelotto has become my more than wonderful replacement enjoying après-yoga hugs!

Today’s idiom can be applied to my good fortune of simultaneously learning Italian and yoga:

Pigliare due piccioni con una fava literally means To take two pigeons with a broad bean. Yes the Italians love the specifics and it does make the idiom much more graphic than our simple To kill two birds with one stone.

A HUGE thank you to Alessandra for such lovely classes and also to the Institute- if I hadn’t of seen the flyer in the Library I never would have found Studio Yoga Maya!

Everyone, I advise you to bring yoga into your life if you want a happier existence.


Mills X

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